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About New Maths Tutor

Our Background

New Maths Tutor is established by Parker group. Parker group consists of highly educated and dedicated individuals who wish to see students enjoy mathematics and view this subject as important and relevant to their lives.

The founder of Parker group is M. Parker who has 30 years of extensive experience in studying, tutoring and teaching mathematics.

Our Vision

We believe that all students are capable of learning mathematics and being successful. Some only need more support.

We believe that the majority of parents value their children's academic success and have concern about his / her mathematical improvement. However, financial strains or geographical barriers make it impossible for many parents to hire a private maths tutor. For these parents, providing this private level of support for their child would cost well over thousands of dollars.

We believe that the problem solving development of high school students depends on their interest, ability, creativity, background knowledge, future plans, family expectations, family financial circumstances and their priority, the students' mental and emotional readiness as well as social factors.

Our Creation

Based on our belief, the New Maths Tutor series have been designed to be an immensely useful step-by-step guide for Queensland senior high school students who wish to help themselves in an affordable, accessible and effective manner.

The New Maths Tutor Series

The New Maths Tutor has produced 6 books for grade 11 and 6 books for grade 12 students. Each book corresponds to the topics taught in Queensland high schools. Each book contains two parts: chapter summary and worked solutions to selected exercises from "NEW Q MATHS B".

The Exercise component offers solutions to a wide range of standard and modelling and problem solving questions. The questions have been selected carefully in a way that studying each will result in a new achievement. The solutions have been set up step-by-step and the thinking process prior to each step has been explained in a simple manner. The solutions are set up to present a systematic manner of approaching problems through:

  • The extract of known and unknown factors
  • The use of diagrams and tables
  • The application of previous knowledge
  • The selection of appropriate solution strategies
  • The correct application of solution strategies
  • The method of logical reasoning
  • Communication by using the language of mathematics

Each book also contains a sample excerpt, which can be explored within the products & samples page.

Our Message

On Behalf of New Maths Tutor and the Parker group, thanks for using New Maths Tutor. We hope that you find our books helpful in your high school journey. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon.